Private School Covering Program


Families who are enrolled in our Private School Covering (PSC) program, but not taking classes at CPA during our academic days are eligible for the following services:


  1. Academic Counseling

  2. PSC Orientation (attendance required).

  3. Participation in field trips and social events.

  4. Participation in Science Fairs, History Fairs, and/or Fine Arts (when offered).

  5. Participation in applicable graduation ceremonies: Kindergarten, 8th Grade, High school seniors.

  6. Standardized Achievement Testing: Given each spring for grades 3-11.  High school seniors should register to take the SAT/ACT.


New PSC Family Application

Returning PSC Family Application

2016-2017 Identity of Crosspointe Academy

CROSSPOINTE PSC Affidavit of Parental Agreement 

2016 -2017 Medical Emergency Form 

PSC Tuition and Class Fees